Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Nothing quite beats the sensation of being massaged by a licensed professional, but zero-gravity massage chairs are probably the closest you’ll come to achieving the same effect at home on your own. If you are looking for the ultimate companion in luxurious relaxation, then you are in the right place! We’ll give you the lowdown on what zero-gravity chairs are, what they do, where to find the best ones, and any other questions you might be wondering about them!

What is a Zero-Gravity Massage Chair?

Though these chairs are certainly out of this world, the term “zero-gravity” in this case does not mean that you are about to be launched into orbit from your living room. The term has to do with the position that the chair puts you in-it mimics that of astronauts as they are rocketed up into space. This ideal body position was developed by NASA to ensure the astronauts have as little pressure or tension on their bodies as possible.

Zero-gravity massage chairs come with an adjustable footrest, which helps you to extend your knees and keep your feet slightly elevated above your heart. This position has the effect of making you feel weightless because it takes the pressure off your spine. It also promotes better circulation of your blood around your body.

The Benefits of a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

There are myriad benefits to investing in a zero-gravity chair! First up, they fully support your lower back, which helps to alleviate any pain there. Because of this support, all of the pressure is taken off your spine, so your posture will improve. This is a great benefit because it is so effortless. You’ll soon notice that your posture is better throughout your day, because every time you lie back in your gravity chair, your body is learning the ideal position to hold itself in. 

Zero-gravity chairs promote total relaxation, which in turn promotes lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, and better blood circulation. These will all help you to feel less tension emotionally and physically. Better blood circulation helps you to recover from injuries more quickly, removes any toxins from the blood, and stimulates the endorphins in the body that help you to cope with stress and pain. After a relaxing session on the chair, you’ll feel like you just finished a gentle yoga class, and you’ll be more flexible, too! And if you have just finished a yoga class or other workout, then spending some time in the massage chair will help to reduce the soreness and stiffness in your muscles.

If you have heard your friends waxing lyrical about the healing powers of a zero-gravity chair, it’s not all in their imagination. After just 45 minutes in the chair, your lymph is moved around your body effectively, which means that the white blood cells that help to fight infections are more plentifully spaced around your body, and can act more effectively. You’ll experience a decrease in cortisone and an increase in serotonin, which alleviate mild pains like headaches or sore joints.

What to Expect From Your Zero Gravity Massage Experience

Basically, you will sit back, relax, and enjoy the sensation of massaging rollers, circulation-promoting airbags, and gentle, emanating warmth. If you spend a lot of time on your feet or hunched over a desk, then you’ll love the feeling of having no pressure or tension anywhere on your body.

The Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs for 2022

Sharper Image Revival Chair

First up, we have the classic Sharper Image Revival Chair. 

This beauty is sleek and smart-looking, and it won’t break the bank, either! This is a premium chair with all of the features you could need! It is a great buy for a first-time zero-gravity chair user who’d like to see what all the fuss is about, but doesn’t want to become bankrupt in the process. 

What we love:

This Sharper Image model has 4 different massaging techniques; kneading, knocking, Japanese Shiatsu, and rolling. It also scans each new sitter to figure out the perfect way to rub and roll you into a state of pure bliss. Not only does it look good and feel amazing, but this model is also pretty compact, and only requires 2 inches of space from the wall in order to fully recline. This is a good choice if you don’t have a huge amount of space for your new toy. 

What we’d skip:

This chair only comes in black, so it’s not as flexible in terms of your potential decorating needs. Also, the many-buttoned remote control can seem overwhelming at first but is fairly intuitive after a few uses.

Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair

Next up; the Synca Kagra 4D Massage Chair. 

Synca makes an effort to seamlessly blend chic modernism and technology with the classical massage in their Kagra Massage Chair. It also has a reversible foot section which doubles as an ottoman if you’d like to skip the calf stretch and massage.

What we love:

Bluetooth speakers allow you to play soothing music as you recline and relax, and gentle warmers keep your whole body at a very enjoyable temperature. It has amazing airbag technology which pulls and stretches your body in very satisfying ways, and it comes in black, white, or brown, so you can find a good fit for your home and decor.

What we’d skip:

This model is pricier than the Sharper Image Revival, but it has fewer massage technique options. It is also bulkier and heavier than the Revival.

Relaxon Chair

Thirdly we’re going to take a look at the Relaxon Chair

This sweet model is on the lower end of the price scale, but it still provides many great features! It is the longest L-track system on the market and it is designed to accommodate individuals from 5′ 2” to 6′ 5″ tall. It is easy to get going with 7 ready-made programs, too.

What we love: 

As we mentioned, this chair has 7 presets, but just in case you don’t like the feel of any of these, you can customize your height, strength, and speed so that you can have a massage that is perfectly tailored to you! The remote control also has backlit buttons for ease of use in a dimly-lit or dark room. Perfect for drifting into deep and total relaxation.

What we’d skip:

Some users enjoy the foot rollers that go backward and forward over your foot, but we found it to be a bit hard and sore. If you are a fan of a deep, kneading style of massage and you don’t mind a bit of intensity, then this won’t be a problem for you. The other con is that the instruction manual could be clearer. This chair does take a bit of trial and error to find your perfect settings.

Real Relax Massage Chair

Fourth on our list is the Real Relax Massage Chair.

This is the best zero-gravity chair option for you if you are looking for a good durable product that doesn’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles but certainly gets the job done. It comes in an array of stylish colours and at 63″ tall and 38″ long, this machine is middle of the range in terms of taking up space.

What we love:

The armrest system is particularly comfortable and relaxing, and the chair is comfortable to use whether it’s on or off. This chair also targets each main muscle group, so you feel satisfied that you have had a complete full-body massage.

What we’d skip:

This chair doesn’t have the greatest neck support, especially if you are a tall person. You may need to add an extra pillow to ensure that you are totally comfortable.

Human Touch ZG Chair

Now for a complete change of style with the chic Human Touch ZG Chair

The Human Touch looks much more like a chair than a spaceship, so if you’d like the benefits of zero-gravity chairs but aren’t sold on their funky design, then this is the model for you! The Human Touch comes in a range of awesome colours and doesn’t take up too much space, so it’s perfect if you are constrained for space or if you’d like to use the chair for regular sitting whilst it is off.

What we love: 

Just like the name suggests, this chair comes close to capturing the essence of a traditional in-person massage, without the person! This model has 12 different pre-set functions, or you can adjust the specifics to ensure that the experience is perfect for you. The rollers are also good at moving over your main muscle groups evenly, so you feel totally relaxed from your top to your toes!

What we’d skip:

This model is pretty expensive, so this decision will require some deliberating! It also does not massage your arms and neck as well as the UFO-looking chairs which totally envelope you and your limbs.

BestMassage Zero-Gravity Chair

If our budget options have not sparked any excitement before, maybe this one will! The only one of our reviewed chairs to weigh in at under $1000, the BestMassage zero-gravity chair is the friendliest on your wallet and it’s not hard on the eyes either!

What we love:

Easy-to-assemble and use, this chair is perfect for beginners in zero-gravity massage chairs. It also has roller wheels underneath it, which means that you can easily move it around, which is great for cleaning, or if you need to store your chair away for space reasons. It also has a few USB charging ports, so you can charge up your devices while you relax.

What we’d skip:

This chair doesn’t use the L track massage system, which means that the rollers only work from your head to your lower back, leaving your poor glutes aching for some attention!

Medical Breakthrough 4v2 Recliner

Last but not least, we have the Medical Breakthrough 4v2 Recliner. 

This chair is a cut above the rest on so many levels, so we thought we’d save the best for last. This is the only zero-gravity chair that has been designed and tested by doctors, surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and chiropractors, so you know you’ll be in good hands! 

What we love:

This chair is not lying when it advertises a “full-body” massage. This chair will reach deeply into all of your muscles from the nape of your neck all the way down to your toes. It scans each new person who sits in the chair, so each massage is perfectly personalized to your weight and build. However, it also has manual controls if you prefer to take matters into your own hands.

What we’d skip:

The chair comes in 3 separate packages, which are each quite heavy, so the assembly of this chair is not the easiest. You may want a friend to come over and help you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Companies Offer a Warranty for Massage Chairs?

Most companies will offer a warranty, but make sure to check this before you purchase your chair, as all warranty term lengths differ, and there may be different conditions riding on the services that you’ll receive. We recommend trying to find a chair with at least a 3-year warranty.

How Much Electricity Do Zero-Gravity Massage Chairs Use?

Zero-gravity chairs use a surprisingly little amount of electricity, despite their bulk. Even the most advanced zero-gravity massage chairs only use up to 200 watts, which is less than a standard microwave. However, be sure to use a surge protector, as sometimes this is essential to your chair’s warranty coverage! If you use your chair every single day for an hour, it shouldn’t add more than $20 to your yearly electricity bill.

How To Select The Best Zero Gravity Massage Recliner

We believe that there are a few key factors you should consider when purchasing a zero-gravity chair. 

Firstly; decide what features are the most important to you, and what your primary reasons for using the chair will be. If you just want to be generally relaxed, then you won’t necessarily need all the frills of the more upmarket chairs. If you are an athlete who wants to target specific areas, then you will want to make sure that the chair you choose either has a body-scanning feature or can be adjusted to suit your needs. If you spend all day on your feet, you’re going to want to get a chair with good foot massage options. If you’ll be sharing the chair then customization options are great.

The list of features you look at should also include the types of massage that the chair offers- what do you prefer? Tapping, kneading, Swedish style, Japanese Shiatsu style, airbag-powered stretching, or a deep-tissue massage? Do you want your chair to have Bluetooth connectivity so that you can play some soothing tunes while you recline? Or perhaps you’d like your chair to have chromotherapy technology installed, for an even deeper relaxation experience.

Next, you’ll have to think about the level of intensity that you’d like. Most zero-gravity chairs come with 3D roller technology. This means that you will get a deep, satisfying massage that penetrates deeply into your muscles. A 2D chair will be cheaper but not as intense or specific as the 3D. A 4D chair allows you to control the speed of the rollers, as well as the intensity.

Finally, what track are the rollers in your chair working on? A fixed-track roller gives you the most basic experience with little to no customization available for massaging different areas. An S-track chair follows the curve of your spine and is particularly good at reaching and kneading into your neck muscles. An L-track is just like the S-track, except that it extends down to your glutes and in some machines, your hamstrings, too. A max-track chair is like an L-track but also allows for some deep stretching.

Why Do Massage Chairs Squeeze Your Legs?

Airbags inside the chair expand and contract to squeeze your legs for a number of beneficial reasons- to reduce swelling. pain, or stiffness in your muscles, to increase blood and lymph flow around your body, to increase your blood oxygenation and detoxifying, and to help with spinal decompression.

Do I need a special electrical outlet for a massage chair?

No, just a normal plug point will be fine.

What does it mean if my chair is “4D”?

This refers to the time of the roller component. On 4D chairs, you are able to increase or decrease the speed of the massage rollers.

Where to Find Your Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Whether you are searching for your dream chair online or in-store, we highly recommend going to try out a few different models in person, as this will allow you to solidify in your mind the features that you really like and that are most important to you. Also, you can read a ton of reviews and they’ll never really let you know how a particular chair might feel for you and your body. It’s best to go and find out for yourself.

Also Read:

Best Massage Chairs

Shiatsu Massage Chairs

The Kyota M673 Kenko massage chair features a zero-gravity reclining backrest, four-point movable casters and body scanning technology. In addition, the chair has some advanced and exclusive features, such as an air-made foot massage system with casters that release hot air as you massage your feet, foot massage rollers and a simplified airbag system.

This full-body, weightless Shiatsu reclining chair from Real Relax takes the guesswork out of your body; Smart Body Scan adjusts the rollers to your body’s unique pressure points to provide maximum relief. Plus, the massage rollers built into the chair stretch your muscles and twist your waist to increase strength. However, this massage chair does not have a calf heating function, and the neck airbag may not provide strong enough support.

Not many inexpensive chairs include foot massage – but the LM 6800 does – Dual leg – Rollers – not many chairs include foot and leg massage with complete coverage of rolling and kneading and side-leg airbags that will make the foot massager awesome.

Even though it is a low-quality chair, it also has hand and foot massage aimed at specific reflex points to give you a complete sense of well-being, which makes it an excellent option for people up to 67 inches and 300 pounds tall, making it an ideal choice for taller and heavier people who may be uncomfortable in compact chairs. The expandable footrest and recline functions are also quite useful (some even go further by declaring that the best massage chair on the market is not?

This is one of the cheapest (and yet reliable) L-bar chairs, with five different massage techniques and three-speed and intensity settings for different specific areas of the body, so you can relax as it scans and adjusts each massage according to your height.

The ideal S L track full-body massage chair has one of the longest routes in the industry and offers three zero-gravity positions to choose from. It provides ten massage procedures and six different massage techniques, such as kneading, percussion, acupressure, percussion/percussion and rolling combinations to perfectly adjust the position of the rollers.

It has eight massage rollers in the backrest, a vibration seat, airbags for the shoulders, arms and legs and mechanical rollers for the legs, heat therapy for the lumbar and feet and a limited warranty of 1 year for all parts.

However, according to reviews, it may be strong on the legs, and some clients have been unable to tone down the intensity of the massage. Various massage styles such as Japanese shiatsu and tapping give you a wide range of relaxation options, and its affordable yet luxurious design envelops you in soft, leathery hugs. It also has a unique yoga program, hand/foot/calf massage, lower back and calf heat therapy and body scan technology.

It is truly a zero gravity massage chair from 2016 with three preprogrammed massage modes and eight massage points on the back. Personalization options – The roller speed and intensity of air cell massage can be adjusted at three different levels. In contrast, the massage can target specific areas, including the upper back, lower back, and body. This superior zero-gravity Kahuna massage chair features four roller systems and manual massage techniques with the L-Trac system.

Another type is a zero-gravity chair that allows the user to lean back entirely as if floating in space and receive a massage from head to toe. They are altogether relaxing, but they also tend to be much more expensive and take up more room. Here we found a mix of some of the most loved massage chairs on the market, from the humble vibrating chair that Amazon adores to the celebrity-endorsed option that costs nearly ten thousand dollars and the massage chair that is a 

Another zero gravity feature offered by the Kahuna Recliner massage chair is the variable speed roller massage and the three-level air cell massage. Of course, there are other factors to consider when it comes to massage, including airbags, rollers, heat, vibration, air pressure and computer scans. Some chairs offer deep-tissue and full-body massage, while others work fine for the shoulders, back and neck.


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