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Best Sectional Sofa Reviews

Whether you’re someone who loves entertaining lots of guests or you just want extra seating in your home, a sectional sofa might be a great option for you. This is even true if you live in a smaller home.

Sectional sofas are wonderful because they have many features, including storage space, a place to sleep, and plenty of extra room for sitting. There are many different types of sectional sofas for you to choose from, so you surely will be able to find something that suits your tastes and matches the rest of your furniture.

In this article, we will provide you with tips and advice for choosing a sectional sofa for your home, as well as some of the different types there are, people’s most trusted brands, and some of the best sectional sofas on the market according to reviews on Amazon.

Different Types of Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofa Review

Of course, there are many different sectional sofas that you may choose from. Here are some of the main characteristics that will set them apart from one another.

  • Fabric: Sectional sofas come in many different types of fabric. Some of the most common include polyester, nylon, and leather. Of course, the one that you choose will depend the most on your lifestyle. Leather would be the best option if you have children who would cause the couch to get dirty a lot quicker. But the other types of fabric might be a lot more comfortable if you intend on using it for sleeping, too.
  • Shape: There are also plenty of shapes you can choose for your sectional.
    • Loveseat: Loveseats are the smaller couches that have one or two seats with them.
    • Modular: These types of couches come in several different sections that you can choose to use separately or all together.
    • L-shaped: This is one of the most common types of sectional sofas and perfect for those living in smaller spaces.
    • Mid-century: These types of sectionals have thin wooden legs and seem to have a lighter design than some of the other styles mentioned.
    • Stationary: These are sectionals that come in one piece.
    • Convertible: These sofas have storage space and several pieces. They are perfect for both large and small rooms.
    • Chaise: This type of sofa has an ottoman that you can attach to one side or the other for extra room if you want more sitting space or if you want to lay down.
  • Special features: Sectional sofas can have some interesting features, too. One of the most common that people look for is a pull-out bed. When you don’t need to use it, the pull-out can be tucked away under the seat cushion for more space. But when someone needs to sleep there, you won’t have any difficulty pulling it out. Some people also like sectional sofas that offer storage space underneath the cushions or a reclining chair on the end. All these different features will depend on your preferences and your intended purpose for using the sofa.
  • Weight Capacity: These sofas can be made more durable for heavier loads, check out the high weight capacity sectional sofas.


Some people might also base their decision on the brand and how trustworthy it is. Here are some of the common brands you might come across.

  • Homelegance: This is a brand well-known for its different furniture, including sectional sofas. You can also find dining room furniture and bedroom collections on the official site, Wayfair, Amazon, and many other retailers.
  • Stone & Beam: Stone & Beam is a brand owned by Amazon that is also known for its high-quality furniture and sofas. You will be able to find a variety of different sectionals and other types of couches manufactured by this brand.
  • Modern Living: This is also a very popular furniture company that you will have no trouble finding at several retailers. Their products have also been highly rated by Amazon users. You can find all kinds of different sofas, rugs, dining room furniture, office furniture, and more from this brand.

Top 5 Best Sectional Couches

1. HONBAY Convertible Sectional L-Shaped Sofa Couch for Small Space

This Honbay convertible sofa was one of the best-rated on Amazon. It features cushions that are both firm and comfortable, so you won’t ever want to get up. And, you won’t have to worry about that feeling of sinking into the sofa. In addition, one of the best features that this sofa provides is the fact that it is small enough to fit in a smaller area or room.

So, you will still have the ability to own a sectional sofa if you live in an apartment or have a small living room.

It’s easy to assemble because you will not need to use any tools and the instructions are fairly simple. The sofa is made of a linen fabric and has a reversible chaise lounge. You will have the ability to set the sofa up in whichever position you’d like. As for colors, you will be able to choose between beige, light gray, and dark gray. The dimensions of the sofa are 78.5 x 30.3 x 35 inches, and it has a weight capacity of 660 pounds.

2. Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa with Reversible Sectional Chaise

Here is another sectional sofa that has received plenty of good reviews on Amazon. You will be able to choose between many neutral colors, including gray, brown, beige, and navy, so it is guaranteed to match with the theme and other furniture in your house. You can move the chaise to either part of your couch- the left or the right side- so you will have the perfect spot for laying down.

The dimensions of the sofa are 34.6 x 79.9 x 35.4 inches, which makes it a good addition to your home if you want to have some extra space for sitting or laying down. Since it is on the rather small side, people living in apartments or smaller homes will also be able to enjoy this sectional. It is made out of high-quality materials and has sturdy legs made out of beech wood.

The weight capacity of this couch is 450 pounds. You also will not have a difficult time assembling it since all the pieces come in one box.

3. Homelegance Sinclair Fabric Sectional Sofa


Customers seemed to be pleased with the many options provided by the Homelegance brand on Amazon. Here is a sofa that is perfect for those who want something a lot larger. It’s a great choice for people who love to entertain or who otherwise need as much seating as they can get. If you’re having someone spend the night at your home and you need somewhere that they can sleep, this sectional will also be a lovely option.

You may choose between the gray or chocolate colors, so it will be sure to match any theme that you have going on in your home. It comes in two pieces to form an L-shape.

The material used polyester fabric that is very similar to linen. In addition to the sofa itself, you will get three throw pillows with a modern geometric pattern. The cushions themselves are very high-quality, as they are plush but will not allow you to sink in. You will need to assemble this product, but assembly is rather simple since it only comes in two pieces. The dimensions are 84 x 107 x 35 inches, so it is a bit on the larger side, but you will get all the extra seating.

The price is also rather low in comparison to many sectional sofas on the market, so it seems that you are getting an overall good deal with this product.

4. Stone and Beam Kristin Performance Fabric Sectional Sofa Couch

This is another huge sofa that seems to have been well-received among Amazon customers. For one, you will be able to choose between many neutral colors that will match perfectly with the other furniture in your home, including beige, gray, and navy. Once again, this is the best sectional sofa for those who want to entertain lots of people and need all the sitting space they can get. However, the dimensions are 93 x 37 x 37.5, which does put it on the larger side. So, if you are living in a smaller home or apartment, then that might be something you will want to consider.

The design is rather modern-casual, so it will match virtually anyone’s tastes. The design is also meant for heavy-duty use, so if you’re someone who loves to lounge on your couch whenever you have the opportunity or you have people staying over a lot who sleep on the sofa, the couch will stick around. The frame is made out of hardwood and laminate, and the fabric is made of polyester and nylon. When you receive the sofa, you will need to assemble it, but it is rather easy to do.

5. Homelegance Platina Sectional Sofa with Pull Out Bed and Ottoman

And finally, here is another more casual option that would be perfect for those who need some extra storage or a pull-out bed. If you plan on having guests stay over but don’t necessarily have an extra bed at home, you will be able to have them sleep comfortably on this sofa without any issues. The sleeper is hidden so you only need to pull it out when it’s needed. In addition, the sofa comes with an ottoman that opens up to provide you with some extra storage.

The frame of this product is made out of hardwood and the fabric is completely made of polyester. The sofa also has headrests for extra comfort. It comes in three pieces that are easy to assemble and the dimensions are 87.75 x 103.75 x 54 inches. It is on the rather large side, but you will be able to have a lot of extra seating area in your home for any occasion you can think of.

Even More Options

Sectional Sofas Buying Guide

Aside from all the features that we listed above, there are also some things that you will want to keep in mind when you purchase a sectional.

  • How many people can sit on it? This is especially important. Why do you need a sectional? Do you have a lot of people in your family? Are you planning on hosting a lot of guests and events where you need to have as much sitting space as possible in your home? The answer to these questions will help you to determine how large the couch should be. And on that note…
  • How big is the couch? This is important depending on where you intend on putting it. Make sure you measure the space where you intend to place the couch, and then check out the dimensions of the individual couch that you plan on getting. If you live in a smaller space, then you don’t want to purchase a couch that is too big.
  • What color is it? What is it made out of? These are also important questions to ask because you want to make sure that your couch, just like any other piece of furniture, suits your lifestyle. Will the color match the overall theme in your house? Do you have children or pets that you will need to consider when choosing colors and fabrics?


Overall, getting a sectional sofa is a great way to have a lot of sitting space in your home, especially if you live in a smaller apartment or house where you won’t have as much room to have many chairs. Sofas can also provide you with an extra place to sleep or additional storage in a small space. And, you will be able to find some for more affordable prices if you’re on a budget.

So, in all, you should consider purchasing a sectional sofa for your living space.

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