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Ahhh. A perfect Sunday. You wake up, stretch, rub the sleep from your eyes, and smile to yourself in anticipation of the sweet green golf course waiting for you. You saunter happily across the room and draw the curtains only to find that there is torrential rain pouring down- oh no! But wait! There’s no need to despair. Now you can bring the golf course right into the comfort of your living room! 

In this article, we’ll give you some top tips about how to find the best golf simulator for your needs, and we’ll answer all of the most commonly-asked questions about setting up a virtual golf course in your home. 

First Things First: What is a Golf Simulator?

Golf simulators are the greatest! They allow you to flick a few switches, play 18 holes at the most beautiful golf course in the world, then walk a few steps into your kitchen for some lunch!

Golf simulators are very easy to use and mainly follow a similar format. First, place your ball in the designated “hitting area” and take your shot!  The simulator works by analyzing data produced from your golf shot like ball speed, spin, launch angle, etc. After calculating these things, the simulator shows you an accurate picture of the arc and journey of the ball. You can hit the ball anywhere within the hitting zone, but it’s recommended that you keep your shots close to the centre. If you hit the ball outside of the hitting zone, the simulation will still work; however, it may not be 100% accurate. Now, this is not just a fancy video game; you will be taking real shots with a real club, so golf simulators offer the perfect opportunity to train and perfect your swing while your competition sleeps!

What is the Difference Between a Launch Monitor and a Golf Simulator?

 A launch monitor is the system that captures your ball speed, spin, launch angle, carry, flight path, club path, and then a golf simulator takes that data and uses it to simulate the shot on a virtual golf course. Some of them even simulate putting and chipping.

Launch monitors like SkyTrak, GC2 or Trackman can incorporate simulation software, whereas golf simulator brands like Full Swing or Golfzon include everything you need for golf simulation. Although they have launch monitor technology, it is all part of the purchase package.

Which is the Best Golf Simulator For Me?

There is a broad range of simulators to choose from, and the one you purchase will depend on your skill level, space, budget, and what you’re hoping to get out of a simulator. We’ve narrowed down the search to the best golf simulators out there. 

Buying Guide

Golf simulators are a pricey investment, so you’re going to want to make sure that you are fully informed about the process and about the various machines and configurations of parts that you could get. This thing is going to take up a lot of space, too, so you’re going to want to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting in for. Finally, you’ll want to have some idea of what your goals and purposes for buying a golf simulator are before you begin trawling the internet for options, so you can ensure that you get everything you need in one go, with minimum to no extra purchases.

We’ve compiled a list of essential factors you should consider when figuring out which golf simulator will best suit your needs:


You’ll need to know the area of the space intended for your home golf studio and ensure that your simulator fits in with some room to spare. 

Most simulators take up about 11 cubic feet, but you will need to read the specs on the machine you choose to make sure that it will fit. It would be best to practice your golf swing in the space you’ve designated. You need to be able to swing your club above your head without hitting the ceiling and scaring your upstairs neighbors half to death.

Transport and Storage

If you don’t think that you will ever need to move your golf simulator, then you can go ahead and skip this part of the article, but depending on your multi-player options, these can be a hoot at corporate events, birthday parties, holiday houses, you name it! So you may want to consider how easy (or difficult!) it is to dismantle and transport your golf simulator and how heavy it is when t is all packed away.

Even if you don’t think you will be travelling with your golf simulator, perhaps you’ll want to pack it away in the summer months when you can get back onto a golf course. If so, you may want to consider how easy it is to pack away and how much space it will take up once it’s boxed. Some features to look out for here are; retractable screens, projector setups that fold in on themselves, mobile swing pads, and lightweight mats that can be folded or rolled up and stored easily.


Of course, your budget will affect the golf simulator that you end up purchasing. Think about your purposes; if you are looking for a fun pastime on a rainy day, then a lower price simulator will be the option. However, bear in mind that the more you pay, the more features the golf simulator will have, and the better quality software. 

Also, keep in mind that many golf simulator packages come with payment plans that can help to reduce the sting somewhat. In this article, we’ll show you simulator options in a range of prices so that you can have an idea of what is available in each price bracket.

Tracking and Software

There are many tracking systems available in golf simulators, like SkyTrak, TruTrack, Uneekor EYE XO, GC2, and many more! Some are, of course, better than others. For example, the Optishot 2, which we feature below, is great for a beginner golfer or for someone keen on playing golf for fun, but the infrared tracking leads to a bit of a lag, which can be frustrating if you are training and trying to learn more about the art of golf.

There are also many software options available. For example, some sets allow you to play on world-renowned golf courses worldwide; some can link you to your friends so that you can play against each other and track each other’s stats. In addition, some setups allow you to icipateparticipate in competitions, and different sets have options for a 3D driving range, practice modes, course modes, game modes, and more!

The basic rule of thumb here is that the more you spend, your tracking and software abilities are better. 

Screens or Nets?

With golf simulators, you can choose either to hit your shot towards a screen with a simulated golf course on it or into a net and watch your shot and data on a separate screen that you can set up nearby. The screens will always be the more expensive option and will probably require more technical dexterity. However, they are unbeatable in terms of the quality of the experience. The only thing better than a high-quality screen is a real golf course.

If you are on a bit of a budget and you don’t need to see your shot up on a big screen in front of you, then a net will be the way to go. You will have the chance to practice and perfect your swings, but the experience won’t be as immersive as a full screen.

Best Golf Simulators under $5000

The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator 

Features and pros:

This incredible golf training simulator is easy to set up, and you don’t need to purchase anything additional before you can begin to play gold with up to 3 of your pals in the comfort of your living room. The package includes an infrared optical swing pad, a retractable screen enclosure that can be mounted onto your wall, some adjustable rubber tees, and two practice balls.

You can immerse yourself in the experience of playing golf on 15 realistic, world-renowned courses, yet never be far from your creature comforts! It’s a win! Plug into any Mac or PC, and you’ll be good to go!


The image is not such great quality on this machine, and the putting feature is not good. Also, some users have reported inaccuracy in Optishot’s predictions of your shot. For this reason, this golf simulator is more suitable for having fun and playing a few rounds with your friends rather than really strengthening your technique.

The Rapsodo R-Motion Golf Simulator

Features and Pros:

This nifty little R-Motion detector clips onto any golf club you have and then relays information like your club and ball speed, the ball distance, swing angle, and the spin on the ball, which will tell you whether you sliced or hooked the ball.

The Rapsodo also gives you 15 golf courses to choose from, and it also has a multiplayer mode to challenge your friends, and 13 different club attachments mean that this simulator will almost certainly fit any golf club that you own.


This is another good budget option, but it requires purchasing additional parts, like a net screen and a hitting mat. You will also need to make sure that when you connect it to your PC or laptop that you have 20GB of available memory space so that the Rapsodo runs smoothly. Finally, if you decide to connect it to your phone, you need iOS 9.0 and above or Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Best Indoor Golf Simulator Packages for Home

The Uneekor Swingbay

Features and Pros:

This option takes us up a few notches on the price scale, but nothing can beat the Swingbay if you are new to using a golf simulator and want a high-quality, durable product. The Swingbay is totally customizable, which means that you can choose the kind of turf, the landing setup, the projector setup (floor or ceiling mount), and the tech connections that you’ll be using. This whole package also comes with a pretty sweet extended warranty option, so if anything goes wrong, you’ll have peace of mind.


This is a permanent setup, so this one is only for the serious golfers who have a room available to convert into a full-time golf studio. 

The TruGolf Vista 8

Features and Pros:

This simulator is, without a doubt, one of the most luxurious home models out there. If you’re a real golf fanatic and you’re intent on perfecting your skills, or you can’t keep your hands off your clubs, then you should seriously consider this model. It is probably the highest-quality, still-portable golf simulator. While it is a bit of a job disassembling and then reassembling the machine, it can provide endless entertainment on boys’ weekends away, business retreats, or on rainy days at your beach house. This model comes complete with everything you need to get going; the frame and screen, ball tracking, turf, lighting, and access to 27 stunning golf courses worldwide. It supports up to 8 players on multiplayer, so call all of your friends over!


Some users have reported difficulty setting up the projector and ensuring that the whole screen is displayed. However, customer service is pretty excellent and the base Vista 8 comes with a 1-year warranty.

Best Outdoor Golf Simulator

The SkyTrak Training Pack

Features and Pros:

Not only is this golf simulator our best outdoor package, but it also scores big points in the under $5000 category. This simulator is super portable and lightweight; roll the turf up like a rug and carry it inside under your arm. It doesn’t take up too much space, so if it’s rainy outside, this simulator can run just as well in your guest bedroom or garage.


This model doesn’t have a screen, so you’ll need to hook up the launch monitor to your own screen. We recommend that you use an iPad, and purchase the iPad stand along with the simulator, so that you can watch your ball trajectory, and see all of the data from your shot.

Best Top of the Line Golf Simulators

The HD Golf Simulator

Features and Pros:

This excellent machine is one of the best golf simulators you could hope to find, and it has enough features to match its price tag, and to keep us entertained for days on end! But wait, you thought this was just a lowly golf simultor? This is a whole entertainment package! The HD Simulator is compatible with many e-sports in stunning graphics, and you can also convert it into a home entertainment system! Everyone will be flocking to your house for game days and movie nights! This bad boy comes with absolutely everything, including surround sound, mounting equipment, state-of-the-art screens, power cables, a wide-view touchscreen monitor, and multiple sports packages. You’ll also get free delivery and installation! Talk about bang for your buck.


It takes about five weeks to ship and is very technical, so it can take a while to get to grips with how to take the best advantage of all the many features!

As you shop for your perfect golf simulator, remember to read the good and the bad customer reviews, as this will give you a more accurate idea of how each package runs and how easy it is to set up and install.

Golf simulators are becoming more accessible, lightweight, and portable, so it is the perfect time for you to make that investment, watch as you amaze yourself with your swings, and kick back with some brews on a Sunday and play a few rounds even while it pours down with rain outside!

This will prevent your game from becoming obsolete if you play the same course every time. With this full customization, you can also play different golf courses and other games like longest ride and close to ping. Also, you will receive a projector (including a stand), a golf mat, and a jersey/balls.

The GC2 Swing Bag Home Golf Simulator Pack is another great option under $ 20,000 that includes a starter monitor, golf simulator screen and body, HD projector, high-quality golf mat, projector ceiling mount and all the accessories you need to set up your golf simulator at home quickly.

With the addition of a home setup, you can train how you want or play Golf courses worldwide and fun games. Installation is a breeze with minimal time and equipment – just TV VS Unconventional Golf Simulator – you can’t use your golf clubs – Phigolf Mobile and Indoor Golf Simulator is a video game-style simulator that is strongly focused on the entertainment arena.

Another advantage of the simulator is that you use clubs and the ball instead of simulating a hit with a virtual ball that swings the virtual ball, thereby providing a realistic feel for how the club and ball react to the hit… Instead of clicking on the screen and showing the projection, you can go online and use a TV or other monitor to see the simulation visually. 

Each room will have different needs depending on the simulator software’s lighting, size, and resolution. To do this, you need to check the screen and sensor of your simulator and how much space they need. 

If something is missing, such as a rug, netting, or other items, you will need to buy it separately. You can create a permanent build and transfer it to another location – this is a vast difference from other premium options like Uneekor, TruGolf and Full Swing Golf.

The fully stocked version includes an updated projector, laser shot software with three radar guns, golf showdown software and Swing Catalyst Swing Analysis with three cameras. In addition, the package is built around the best launch monitor on the market, SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor, and includes a protective metal case and software. The SkyTrak Launch Monitor was voted for three consecutive years best golf simulator by Golf Digest magazine for its performance and accuracy.

SkyTrak SIG10 is the most popular golf simulation package, offering accurate and realistic sensations and selecting the best indoor golf simulators at home. SkyTrak training package with its highly accurate. SkyTrak launch monitor, effective game enhancement software, and compact size and outdoor use are the ultimate golf simulator for under $ 5,000.

While SkyTrak costs more than OptiShot 2, you get the best gaming accuracy and functionality and is widely considered the best option on the market with complete Skytrak Golf Simulator packages starting at $ 3,000. You will not find another golf simulator package at this price that includes all the items you need, such as the SkyTrak SIG10 simulator, which is why we selected it as the best indoor golf simulator for the home.

As a simulator, you can play 18 holes on 10,000 courses, giving you plenty of chances to improve your skills for your next match. For most golfers, the statistics available will be more than enough to change the course of the game, and the game (and, of course, the simulation) is excellent.

We have compiled a golf simulator software guide to help potential buyers select options. Still, we also recommend checking the websites of individual software providers for up-to-date course listings. Some of the top software providers include TGC (TGC), TruGolf E6 and WGT.

An indoor golf store is an excellent resource for shopping for items and getting your questions answered. If you are looking for supplies for your home setting, I recommend stopping into an indoor golf store.

There is no reason why a dedicated golfer cannot play or configure indoor golf courses to fit your budget even if it is less than $ 1000 with Skytrak, OptiShot and Ernest Sports products, among others, providing world-class golf courses to golfers’ homes and businesses. In addition, golf companies have developed systems that simulate 3D driving and golf courses so you can play from the comfort of your own home and even with your favorite four-ball partners.

You can also play simulation golf courses and other games. Then there is the option to practice penalties, transform to rugby or even your cricket bowling action, and the opportunity to watch movies or play video games for a cinematic experience. Since the home simulator can show you a shot, you can also play on a popular golf course. Of course, it would be best if your course, you had a place to hit the net or a projection screen to hit the golf course.


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