Top 15 Reasons to Own a Hot Tub

Everyone loves the feeling of getting into a hot tub, especially in the colder months. The warmth of the water, the jets running across your back, and a nice drink in hand all make for a perfect evening. But having something just because it makes you feel good might not be the best reason to make such an investment.

Naturally, you might have some reservations about getting a hot tub for your home, especially when you think about the cost, how much work you have to put in to maintain it, and general expenses. But there are many good reasons to consider getting a hot tub that could end up benefiting you and your family.

Here’s our list of the top 15 reasons why you should consider owning a hot tub.

Social Reasons

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1. It’s the perfect way to relax with family and friends.

Ok, so maybe we lied- one of the main reasons many people choose to get hot tubs is because they provide great entertainment. This might not be the top reason on your list, but it is a great reason to consider getting a hot tub, especially if you love to entertain.

How many memorable and fantastic pool parties have you gone to where the host also had a nice hot tub for the guests to chill in? And even if you are worried about letting guests use the hot tub for sanitary reasons, it’s still an excellent way for you to be able to spend time with your family.

Whether you have your own family or you want to invite other family members over, you will find that the hot tub will become everyone’s favorite asset. And the best part is that it’s the perfect way for you to connect with your spouse, kids, or others face-to-face and without the need to use technology.

2. You can watch movies, listen to music, and more from your hot tub.

It’s not very likely that you’ll take your phone with you into the hot tub so you can prevent the possibility of it falling into the water. But many people do like to set up other types of entertainment near their hot tub.

For example, you might set up speakers so that you can listen to your favorite music, get a projector so you can watch your favorite movies, enjoy a glass of wine or your favorite meal, and more. And remember, one of the best forms of entertainment is communication, so you can use this time to connect with your loved ones without technology.

A Fun Activity

3. You can use the hot tub all year round.

Not many fun outdoor activities can happen once the weather gets cooler. While many people still have fun holiday parties and others enjoy going skiing or snowboarding, not everyone loves participating in these activities. Overall, you’re somewhat limited on what you can do.

But you can certainly use a hot tub whether it’s 100 degrees outside or there’s a thick layer of ice on the ground. Even if you want to have an outdoor hot tub, you can still enjoy beautiful sunsets and stunning fall evenings without feeling cold.

4. They make for the perfect private retreat.

We all want to relax in our unique way, but finding the time to go to the gym, sauna, spa, or anywhere else can be difficult with your busy schedule. Not to mention that you will have to pay a monthly membership fee to use any of these services.

And even if you have friends or family who have hot tubs or other forms of relaxation, you can’t simply show up at their home unannounced and use these products for as long as you’d like. When you have your hot tub, you will be able to control precisely how long you use the hot tub when you choose to use it, and you won’t have to pay membership fees to have access to it.

Sure, there will be a spike in your electric bill, but we think that’s worth it when you consider all the good times that the hot tub will provide you with.

5. You can use hot tubs for exercise.

This might not have been something you’ve considered before since hot tubs are relatively small and don’t provide the same kind of space as a pool for you to do laps. But the fact of the matter is that you will be able to exercise in your hot tub or use it as the warm-up before your exercise.

While in the hot tub, you can do easy exercises such as bicycle kicks, leg lifts, arm crossovers, and more. And since the tub provides you with natural buoyancy, you can do all of these exercises without providing any additional stress or pressure to your joints.

Especially when the weather starts to get cold, you will be less inclined to leave your house for a morning jog, and you especially might not want to leave the house every day to go to the gym.

So taking the time to do small exercises like this in your hot tub could help you stay toned and healthy, especially with all the food you will eat during the holidays. And again, the warmth that the hot tub provides and the comfort of the jets will help relax your muscles before you do other workouts.

Tons of Great Health Benefits


6. Hot tubs are proven to help you sleep better.

All the fun and entertainment aside, studies have shown that hot tubs will help you sleep better at night, too. If you find that you’re tossing and turning a lot in your sleep or if you have insomnia, it might be worth considering adding a hot tub to your home.

It is recommended that you try to soak in the hot tub around 2 hours before you plan to sleep for at least 15 minutes. It doesn’t need to be too long, but of course, you can sit in the hot tub for as long as you’d like. However, this will cause your body temperature to rise.

Then, when you get out of the tub, your body temperature will decrease, causing you to feel more relaxed. This is similar to the sensation you will get after a long, hot shower, but many hot tubs have jacuzzi features, which will allow for additional relaxation. In addition, when your body temperature cools, it will help you to have a deeper sleep.

7. You will get tons of relaxation.

When you choose to purchase a hot tub, there is so much that you can do to make it the most relaxing experience possible. Many people enjoy adding small jets that you can adjust according to your preference. These jets will provide the perfect massage, which will help you to feel as relaxed as possible each time you get in the hot tub.

Aside from that, hot water helps keep people relaxed and calm, and you will be able to spend lots of time here, especially during your days off of work or class. In addition, there is a lot you can do in the hot tub to help you feel relaxed. For example, some people like to drink hot tea or enjoy a nice glass of wine when they get in the hot tub.

Others enjoy taking a good book to read because you don’t have to submerge yourself to enjoy the tub thoroughly. To put it simply, you can customize your experience in the hot tub as much as you would like to make it the most relaxing part of your day.

8. Soaking in a hot tub has many health benefits.

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It has been proven repeatedly that hot tubs provide more health benefits than we could have imagined. For example, people who need therapy for their aching joints, muscles or even more severe problems such as breaks and fractures are typically encouraged to get in the water and do water therapy.

Even if you aren’t in a critical condition, hot tubs provide an abundance of health benefits. For example, the heat of the hot tub will improve your blood circulation and keep you relaxed. In addition, if you are feeling any pain in your muscles or joints, if you have back pain, or any other types of pain, sitting in the hot tub for a long time can help ease a lot of this pain.

Since hot tubs also provide buoyancy and you can float in them, you aren’t putting all of your body weight on different areas of your body, which will allow some of our most-used body parts to get some necessary relaxation. And if you choose to get a variety of different jets in your hot tub, they will be able to help soothe your muscles and relieve many different kinds of pain.

9. They allow you to spend additional time outside.

We said before that you could use hot tubs during any season, which will allow you to spend time outside during the winter (if you choose to get your hot tub installed outdoors- after all, some people prefer to have theirs inside).

Spending time outside and out in the sun all year round is vital for your overall health, but this is not something that many people can do. Typically, we spend most of our time indoors as the weather gets cooler, which can help us prevent catching a chill but could cause other health problems.

Spending time in the sun will help you ensure that your vitamin D levels are sufficient and can even help you out if you have seasonal depression. While it’s sure to be cold outside, the heat of the tub will allow you to enjoy still the beautiful fall, winter, or spring nature while remaining warm- and even in your bathing suit.

Unwinding and getting away from technology and other daily responsibilities to spend time in the great outdoors could greatly help you to become a happier and healthier person. Just make sure that you lather on the sunscreen to prevent potential sunburns, skin cancer, and aging, and spend as much time as you want outside!

10. They allow you to de-stress.

One of the best ways to de-stress and forget about the responsibilities you have every day is by spending some time in the hot tub. Once again, the warm water will help you to feel calm and relaxed, and you can turn on the jets for additional comfort.

Making sure that you spend time on your own and taking a rest in the hot tub is an excellent way for you to keep stress levels down. However, stress can cause many health problems, so you want to try and avoid it as much as possible.

More Bonuses

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11. You can customize your hot tub however you’d like.

There’s not just one type of hot tub out there that you can choose from. You can decide how large you want yours to be, whether you want it to be installed indoors or outdoors, what color the tub and the lighting should be, what kind of jets you want it to have, the style and controls, and you can even add extra features such as an audio system or special water features.

12. You know that it’s clean.

While you would certainly like to believe that your best friend’s hot tub is clean, the fact of the matter is that you will never know if someone else’s hot tub, sauna, pool, or other similar product is clean and sanitized.

It’s essential to take care of your hot tub as much as possible and, according to the instructions to get maximal use out of it. And getting into a pool or hot tub that hasn’t been cleaned or maintained correctly can prove to cause plenty of problems for you, especially in terms of health. But if you’re the one who owns the hot tub, then it will be your responsibility to maintain it.

You will know precisely how and when the tub has been cleaned, how it needs to be maintained, any problems that it may have or not have, and more, which means that you will be much more open to using the hot tub and letting your kids use it.

13. Hot tubs are portable.

Some people might hesitate to make more significant investments in their homes for one simple reason- when you decide to move, you won’t be able to take those renovations and investments with you. So, for example, if you build an inground pool, you will have to sell that with the house, which could be a major deterrent for many people.

But the good news about hot tubs is that they are portable, which means that you will easily be able to remove them and take them with you wherever you choose to move. This means that this is an investment that will last you for many years, and even if you decide to change your place of residence, your hot tub can easily come with you.

14. They can completely change your backyard.

Perhaps you’re working on renovating your home, and you need to find the perfect asset for your backyard. What about considering a hot tub? You can choose from many different kinds and designs to best suit your taste.

Whether you want to have it on the deck, patio, yard, or any other part of your backyard, a hot tub will prove to be the main asset of your home’s landscape. You will be amazed at how a simple home improvement project will prove to be just what was needed to revamp your home and turn it into a modern masterpiece.

15. You will find that hot tubs save water.

You do not need to fill and drain the hot tub each time you choose to use it. Companies only recommend that you do so every couple of months to maintain the tub’s cleanliness and keep things sanitary, but you don’t need to do so every time.

If you choose to take a bath, you have to keep the water running until the tub is filled. And then, when you’re done, you have to drain the tub. This could prove to be a significant waste, and it will not only cost you a lot more money to use so much water, but it’s also not good for the environment.

While hot tubs might not necessarily be the most environmentally-friendly tool, you can use, at least you know that you aren’t going to have to use as much water every time you get in the hot tub as you would if you were to use a regular tub.

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