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It also gives you the ability to set up to five alarms simultaneously, and you can place it on your desk if you end up choosing not to mount it on the wall. The 10-inch watch has a white bezel with large white numerals every quarter of an hour and is quiet, so you don’t get in the way of the movement of the hands. The watch has a classic design with a white dial, black Roman numerals and large hands. The clock is 12 inches in size, with a round black plastic bezel around it and a glass front.    

Its simple black and white design mean it will look great in any room, including a school dorm or office. If you have a giant clock, we recommend hanging it on the wall next to the furniture to blend harmoniously with the interior and emphasize the interior. The watch measures 8.6 by 6.8 inches, and if you end up deciding you don’t want to mount it on the wall, you can use the easel in the back to place it on your desk or nightstand.    

This clock is nearly 8 inches tall and can fit nicely on a bedside table or table, or you can hang it with the included wall bracket. This rectangular clock is 8 inches high and can be hung on the wall or placed on a table. Its white bezel can be adapted to almost any room style, and it contrasts sharply with the black dial, providing good visibility.    

The watch measures 18 x 11.25 inches, has a white dial with easily distinguishable numerals on all hour markers and has a case made of natural wood. The 12-inch watch has a slightly aged dial with large white numerals and gold hands.    

The significant 3.6 “digits on display are easy to see from a distance and can be used on a wall or desk. It is accurate, modern and efficient, and automatically sets the time. The watch does not tick but shows the exact time thanks to precise quartz movements.    

The plastic frame with a glass dial makes the watch durable and resistant to drops and scratches. They are perfect if you are looking for a modern design watch that stands out from the ordinary and fits perfectly into your current home. It aims for functionality with a white background and large black numerals with large black arrows for optimal readability.    

It can be hung on a wall, placed on a table or shelf, so you have various placement options. Tamiko 10 “Classic Silent Clock This classic style wall clock is battery-powered, has large, easy-to-read numbers and a bright red second hand. The back-mount system allows this 12-inch watch to stay snug against the wall, preventing it from wobbling. In addition, the large diameter (12 inches) and the watch’s dial can be read from a distance, making it easy to read the time.    

The elegant black colour scheme with many colour options for watch hands. Various colour options for the watch hands go well with the white dial. Perfect as a contrasting decor on stunning black walls. It looks like a luxurious piece of furniture and goes well with solid colour walls.    

A crystal glass that makes the dial very easy to read. Black and white hand options to broaden your choices and blend in better with the wall. Nickel and copper colour options, both of which give the watch a unique look. This watch is large and has a white background with black hands and black numerals for optimal readability.    

Since the watch is battery-powered and has a quartz adjustment, it is accurate and hushed. The pendulum does not emit that “ticking” sound usually associated with ancient mechanical pendulum clocks. It tracks time silently, so there is no constant ticking for sensitive ears. The 14-inch watch has a classic look with a black bezel, white dial and bold numerals, and reviewers are pleased with its quiet operation and precision. Although it is made in an antique style, this clock is suitable for modern homes, and customers love it.    

The two-tone design of the clock, which matches very well with the living room decor, looks fantastic. The watch hands are made of natural wood; the dial is made of non-toxic and moisture-resistant wood. HITO is a clock that can be used in any house, from the kitchen to the bedroom, thanks to the quartz movement that allows it to run completely silent. This beautiful Seiko wall clock is not a standard round the clock, but a beautiful decor for any home.    

Infinity Instruments 9-1 / 2 “Retro Turquoise Metal Wall Clock For a classic and contemporary look, this metal wall clock is available in bright turquoise or yellow (with matching arrows) to make a colourful statement. 12 “Modern Umbra Brass Band Clock A quartz movement powers the 12” Umbra Wall Clock, and its band design blends classic modern aesthetics with a sophisticated sunburst shape. Its bold numerals and easy-to-read hour and minute hands make it an excellent choice for any setting.    

GearonicTM Modern Triangular Wooden Clock If you need something with a small size but an extensive design, this Triangular Wooden Clock has an LED display that can display the time, date and temperature, as well as an alarm clock function. HZDHCLH 12-inch silent wall clock This tick-free clock requires AA batteries and offers all modern rainbow colours such as green, cool gray and northern blue. If you are looking for something other than the classic white dial, this is a good choice. This modern and straightforward Rosendahl Arne Jacobsen wall clock has a curved glass front and a white background with large black Roman numerals.    

In addition, many of the best wall clocks also display other useful information, such as temperature or day of the week. In contrast, other wall clocks use stylish design elements to link rooms together. Good watches in most rooms have classic designs and can be matched with different types of furniture. Those looking for a more modern design may want a stylish black plastic or metal case to match their watch, while buyers looking for a more retro or traditional design may find a wooden clock that complements their style.    

Whether you need a wall clock to tell the time or to be the hallmark of your home, finding the best wall clock in shape and function can be tricky. So whether you choose the craftsmanship of grandfather clocks or the crisp lines of digital wall clocks, here at Houzz, you’ll find plenty of wall clocks just waiting to spice up your home. From the quirky pan clock that you can hang over your stove to the stunning modern clock representing some of the most iconic pieces from another era.    


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