Best Sectional Sofa For An Apartment or Small Space

Almost every homeowner has once dreamt of having a sectional sofa in their living room. The task of finding the ideal sofa to fit your living space may seem like an easy task, although it proves challenging to most. Most sectional sofas are around 100 inches long; this size is considerably massive considering most urban houses. However, if you search hard enough, you may find more compact options to fill your extra space accordingly. Here is everything you need to know about sectional sofas and the best prospects to consider in your search.

Your Guide to Buying a Sectional Sofa

There are many reasons why you may need a sectional sofa; it could be your living space or your passion for their design. Sectional sofas deliver comfort, arrangement, and general visual appeal more than traditional alternatives. Regardless of the living area available, these sofas work for large and small spaces. One significant benefit to including sectional sofas in your space is their ability to separate your dining room from the lounging area. Here are aspects you need to focus on to ensure you buy a sectional sofa ideal for your home.

Choosing the Ideal Sectional Sofa for Your Home

Measure Your Space

The first step to buying the ideal sectional sofa for your living space is measuring the space you have for your sofa. Sectional sofas do not have the standard design offered by most; they are unique in design and occupy an uneven space. Knowing the space available will ensure your seats do not extend past walls or block entrances, causing mobility complications in your house.

Having extra space to work with is an added advantage since you have more options to consider. A small space means that large sets will be out of the question to avoid congestion and result in an ideal configuration. Arranging your lounge area can be quite challenging for such spaces; planning a layout that fits your style before purchasing would be wise. By doing this, your sectional sofa choice will not dwarf your already small space by occupying too much space and leaving no room at the front and back.

Consider its Dimensions

Each sectional sofa comes in different dimensions; considering these dimensions is essential in your quest to get the ideal sectional sofa. First, you need to confirm if the set’s measurements fall in line with the space available in your lounge area. Online showrooms can be confusing when checking dimensions because sizes look different when on screen.

Most prefer sections because they provide excellent family seats without taking up too much space. Be sure to measure and compare with other prospects before making your final decision for a satisfactory purchase. Most options come with a chaise module at the end; confirm its length to determine if it will accommodate your feet better. Some chaise extensions are short that tall individuals hang off the edge, and you would not want that from your sofa.

Choose a Configuration

Sectional sofas are nothing short of versatile, and it is why considering a suitable configuration before purchasing one is essential for a worthy buy. They come in different designs, meaning numerous configurations may work for your living space. So be sure to invest your time in considering applicable setups and decide on one that will work best before buying a sectional sofa for your lounge space.

Think About Mobility

Mobility is an aspect most first-time buyers of sectional sofas seem to ignore despite its significance in buying an ideal sofa. The shape taken by your sofa choice should allow enough room to move around freely inside your home. The chaise is most notorious for limited mobility in your home; if on the wrong side, it may complicate room traffic within your space. Therefore, it would prove influential to consider which side the chaise is on before deciding on which sectional sofa to buy for your living space.

Consider the Materials

Quality materials result in quality products; the same case applies to making sectional sofas. The best approach you can take to buy a quality sectional sofa is to ensure the materials used meet your expectations. Manufacturers use different materials to make these sets, and the common materials include microfiber, polyester, leather, and performance fabrics. According to verified reviews, performance fabrics and leather are favored by individuals globally.

Your environment will also determine which material will serve you best. If you have small children and pets in your living space, it will help consider machine washable and stain-resistant fabric colors. Cats are notorious for tearing down leather using their claws, while children cannot resist the urge to spill some juice or food on your sofa cushions. Some retailers offer protective sealants for every sectional sofa purchase, so check out all the famous retailers within your area and stick with the one offering the best benefits based on your circumstance.

Popular Types of Sectional Sofas

Sofa Chaise

The chaise-equipped sectional sofa is among the most popular sectional sofas in the market today. It is more compact than most designs and features a classic L shape without losing its sofa essence. If your living space is short on space, this ideal is ideal for your home. Other options come with a moveable chaise that allows them to fit multiple arrangements depending on your space and taste.

The upside to buying a chaise sectional sofa is that it can fit in any home and pairs well with other furniture existing in your living space. Furthermore, since the chaise is not fixed to the rest of the sofa, you can swap it to either the right or left side or even let it stand alone in a corner. This feature allows for further customization in your living space without the need to buy other furniture. In addition, its compact nature makes it easy for you to move it around the lounge area and fit in even the smallest spaces.


The L-shaped sectional sofa is another best-seller among sectional sofas, and you can quickly identify these sofas in any home or showroom. It is the most common in its profile and has an L-shaped design where one side is longer than the other. This design effortlessly floats in a living space with more than enough room or even sets it up against one of your walls.

With this set, you do not have to worry about mobility issues; it can nest an ottoman or a coffee table and leave your space comfortable and looking polished. If you live in a spacious apartment, an L-shaped couch will bring life into your room. The only disadvantage with these sofa types is that they come fixed, making you less likely to customize your space.

Modular Sectional Sofa

 The modular sectional sofa is an innovative set that guarantees adequate seating space with movable individual pieces. This product can fit any living space, massive or small, without looking too compressed. If you are looking for a sectional sofa for a casual room, this is the best prospect for you.

Individuals with awkwardly spaced rooms can find great comfort in knowing that you can reconfigure the modular sectional sofa to fit almost any space. You can tuck them in corners, along short walls, or even in the middle of your room; it all depends on your preference. The only complaint observed from most buyers is that sometimes they tend to be pushed away from their intended spot because they are lightweight. Apart from this, modular sectional sofas are among the best in the market, and they blend in with ordinary household furniture.

Best Sectional Sofas to Consider

Floyd Three-Seater Sofa and Chaise

The three-seater sectional sofa and chaise features are among the best sets to consider within its profile. The product is built to last by using quality materials that are sturdy and outstandingly stain resistant. Its upholstery is liquid repellent, meaning that you no longer have to worry about wine spills or muddy paws from your pets. Comfort is guaranteed with this product as its cushions have different fill materials that result in firmer and wide seats.

Its solid wood frame also plays a significant role in the longevity of the products compared to other units. Materials used to make the sturdy frame include powder-coated steel and birch plywood, the former being almost impossible to break or bend. As a result, the Floyd three-seater sofa is easy to assemble and take apart, while the chaise is movable to either side of the furniture set. Although ideal for small spaces, the extra pillows may seem overstuffed, making your room feel crowded.


If you are on a tight budget, then the IKEA Kivik sofa would be the most suitable option for you to purchase. It comes with budget-friendly prices and is available in several classic colors that stand out in any living room setup. Furthermore, the functional furniture set does not compromise comfort and quality as it comes with a chaise on one of its sides. It measures slightly over 110 inches, while the chaise lounge is 64 inches long.

Its outstanding features include blocky arms, three seat cushions, and an entire layer of memory foam. The foam effectively maximizes comfort when seated as it lets you sink in the unit, allowing you to relax at the end of a long day. You also get a removable cover that is washable instead of having to worry about changing its upholstery. If you think this is the best prospect for you, be ready to assemble the unit yourself.

Mercury Row Merwin Reversible Sectional Sofa

The best option for tight spaces and small apartments is the mercury row Merwin reversible chaise sectional sofa. It is the perfect size for tiny homes and also features a unique reversible chaise design that uses an ottoman to support the chaise available. This product is available in various colors, and the quality is unmatched, with black wood legs and square arms. You can fit not more than three people on the sofa, better than most sofa sets within its profile.

West Elm Harris U-Shaped Sectional

Have you ever heard of U-shaped sectional sofas? West Elm is by far the most exquisite and comfortable U-shaped sectional sofa in the market currently. This product features five pieces; the pieces join together to make one sizeable U-shaped furniture that can comfortably fit up to eight individuals.  Its size makes it ideal for houses with large living areas and cannot fit in small apartments as it measures 132 inches wide and 110 inches long. In addition, the sectional sofa features a kiln-dried wood frame that guarantees stability and unmatched longevity, a satisfactory purchase.

Burrow Block Nomad Leather Sectional Sofa

Leather sofas are by far the most attractive and long-lasting sofa options. The burrow block nomad leather sectional sofa is the best leather prospect to consider if you have an eye for quality. It is made of top-grain leather that is scratch and water-resistant with an inbuilt USB charger that raises the bar to a whole new level. In addition, the burrow block leather seat takes on a modern design and can be re-arranged to three different configurations to fit in most living and lounge spaces. Although you have to assemble the sofa manually, the procedure is effortless to follow, and you get an instructional manual with every purchase.

How Do Sectional Sofas Connect?

Most sectional sofas come in separate parts; the chaise is commonly separated from the rest of the couch. These two parts connect using hooks available at each end. The hooks ensure the two can withstand body movements from those seated, keeping them firm.


Sectional sofas come in different designs, appealing to a more significant population. Some come featuring an L-shaped design, while others feature a U-shaped build that facilitates easy conversation for those sited on it. The sleeper sectional sofa design proves ideal if you always host a visitor over the weekends. Before deciding on which sectional sofa to buy, it would help to pay close attention to the mentioned aspects to guarantee you a satisfactory purchase.

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Overall Top-Rated Sectionals

West Elm has six modular pieces from which to make a sofa or sectional home of any size and style: the 3-piece modular single bed with table is particularly suitable for small spaces because with its smaller dimensions – 74.5 wide and 60.5 deep – you get a sofa, chaise longue and coffee table. However, even if you prefer a minimalist design, it’s worth considering the classic appeal of a sectional home as it helps create specific spaces.

If you want to find a small modular sofa that fits into a uniquely shaped room, create your setting by experimenting with different objects. Installing a tiny sectional sofa in small living rooms or family rooms provides an optimal fit without overwhelming the space. Even if you don’t work in tight spaces, there are other reasons why you might want to consider integrating a small sofa into your interior.

I have curated these small sectional sofas from Apt2B and Amazon, two sources. I regularly used to buy small space furniture at great prices. So I did a little research and found these modern and stylish sectional sofas for small spaces and small apartments.

No matter how small your living room is, you can still enjoy movie nights at home with these comfy sofas. Inhabitants of small spaces may think that a couch is out of the question, but tiny options even fit in a 1-room apartment.

There is a small option for a comfy sofa bed or a sectional sofa bed: the average sofa is approximately 84 inches long compared to the sofas above, which are only 49.5 inches long – all pieces can be customized to suit fabric, width, leg style and cushion – which is excellent when looking for a flat-ready couch. In addition, while armchairs are often paired with a large sofa to maximize the amount of seating in a space, they can be used as the cover.

We have the ten best sofas for small spaces and the best modular sofas for small spaces, stylish, compact and comfortable enough to relax. This mid-century modern sofa is another excellent sofa for small spaces and one of those perfect sectional sofas to immerse yourself in a while watching TV.

The unit is available as the main sofa. It gives enough room for everyone to sit at a vegan snack board but easily converts into a temporary guest room when necessary. Although the seating area seems small, it can comfortably accommodate four people, making it useful for a meeting. Alternatively, you can place a chaise longue on either side of the sofa, making it easier to place the unit in your living room. This unique design features a reversible chaise longue and is fully customizable, so you don.’ 

At 74 inches wide, the Sven velvet sofa comfortably fits in most small spaces but still encourages lounging, napping, and watching TV in a small space – ideal if your primary concern is not squeezing into a small space – turn this sofa into a bed by pulling out the under-seat base and hidden seat.

If you want to create a small living space, check out this sleek and versatile storage ottoman. If you are looking for a sofa bed, this model is specially designed for apartments because users over 6 feet tall may find the mattress a little shorter, but this is probably true of all sofa beds designed for small spaces. 

Depending on the width of the space you reside in, a modern sofa and chair combination is more space for the same number of buttocks but gives you more layout flexibility. Homes with complex layouts can also be fooled by modular sections like Solae and Beta, which have seats that you can purchase individually to personalize your space for a customized fit. Unfortunately, while there is time and place for a more extensive section, your living space may not be able to handle it.

I was looking for the best spacious sofas that are nothing but small. Below we have collected storage and modular sofas that will allow you to make the most of your space. If you are decorating a new apartment, one of the must-have pieces of furniture will be a sofa.

The Honbay Small Space sectional model fits perfectly into any living room as it comfortably fits in even the most compact spaces. A section maximizes room space in a pre-war duplex of Anna Burke Interiors and Hottenroth + Joseph Architects. Ashley Darryl’s Compact TV Room features a large section that maximizes space. So even if you have little space in your home, you can easily shake the JY QAQA sectional sofa.

If you are looking for a sectional couch perfect for small to medium rooms, this Walsunny convertible sofa is a great option. Convenient and easy to view, you can organize (and rearrange) this modular option according to your space and your needs. The classic and understated style of the Morpheus small modular unit works in a small living room in a traditional style and a small modern apartment.

And if that particular silhouette isn’t for you, there are tons of other apartment sofa beds out there: Bannister, Brentwood and Filmore. The Leatherette Sectional Sofa 84 Infini Furnishings is the perfect anchor for your small living room.

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