Best Sectional Sofa For An Apartment or Small Space

Looking to maximize your living space without compromising on comfort and style? The right sectional sofa can transform your apartment, not just providing a cozy spot to relax but also boosting the overall aesthetics of your space. Carefully chosen, it can add functionality by utilizing corners and offering extra storage or sleeping space, making it a perfect fit for apartment living. Let’s explore the best sectional sofas tailored for compact, modern apartments.

Devion Furniture Polyester Fabric Sectional Sofa with Ottoman-Light Gray

Key Takeaways:

  • A well-chosen sectional sofa can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your apartment space.
  • The decision between a sectional and a traditional sofa largely depends on apartment space, layout, and furniture practicality.
  • Analyzing space is crucial, as sectional sofas can fill corners in large apartments or potentially overpower smaller rooms.
  • Apartment layout influences sectional sofa choice. Modular, U-shaped, or L-shaped options may maximize space and accommodate various layouts.
  • Sectional sofas not only provide seating but may also offer storage, although moving or rearranging them can be challenging.
  • The article offers suggestions on the top 5 sectional sofas and factors to consider in the selection, including material, size, style, functionality, and budget.

Is A Sectional Sofa the Right Choice for Your Apartment?

Deciding the perfect furniture for your apartment can be an overwhelming task. Among all, choosing a sectional sofa over a traditional sofa set depends on factors like your apartment’s space, its layout, and the practicality of the furniture piece. These are all important determinants to consider before transforming your living space.

Space: Assessing the Area Available in Your Apartment

Space analysis is the key when it comes to choosing the right sofa. Sectional sofas serve a greater purpose if you have an open-plan living space or a large balconied room. They can generously fill empty corners or act as room dividers in a larger open-plan apartment. However, in compact apartments, where every square foot counts, a sectional sofa might overpower the room and make it seem smaller. Hence, it’s crucial to assess your room’s size and layout before deciding on a sectional sofa.

Layout: How a Sectional Sofa Can Work With Your Apartment’s Layout

Your apartment’s layout plays a pivotal role in defining whether a sectional sofa can be a good fit or not. If your room has challenging angles or awkward spaces, a modular sectional sofa can work wonders by bringing in flexibility and functionality. U-shaped or L-shaped sectionals can tuck nicely into corners and maximize space while adding a unifying element to an open living room design. If your room is rectangular or square, try placing the longer part of a chaise sectional sofa along the longest wall for appealing aesthetics.

Practicality: Combining Seating and Storage Needs

Finally, practicality matters. Sectional sofas not only provide ample seating for guests, but some designs also offer built-in storage compartments, adding invaluable storage space in a cramped apartment. Therefore, it can be a comfortable and stylish solution that combines both seating and storage. However, it’s important to note that sectional sofas might be difficult to move or rearrange due to their bulky nature.

Top 5 Best Sectional Sofas for an Apartment

A good sofa can bring life to your small apartment and maximize your space usage, providing the perfect spot for relaxation and acting as a centrepiece for various social gatherings. That being said, it is significant to choose a sofa that suits your apartment’s size, layout, and interior design scheme.

Given the vast array of options available, the task can seem daunting. But fear not! We are here to make things easier for you. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve narrowed down the Top 5 Best Sectional Sofas specifically suited for apartment living. These options have been carefully chosen based on their design, size, customer reviews, quality of materials, and the versatility they offer in small spaces.

1. Stone & Beam Westview Extra-Deep Down-Filled Leather Sofa Couch: 

Amazon Brand - Stone & Beam Westview Extra-Deep Down-Filled Leather Sofa Couch, 89"W, Brown

Indulge in the luxurious appeal and elegant design of the Stone & Beam Westview Extra-Deep Down-Filled Leather Sofa Couch. This iconic piece commands attention, sporting an elegant brown leather finish that adds a rich touch to your living space. Crafted to ensure optimal comfort, its extra-deep down-fill provides a plush and luxurious feeling perfect for relaxation. Measuring 89W, this sofa fits seamlessly into various living space sizes, assuring you of the right balance between coziness and space efficiency. Its durability is unquestionable, offering stunning aesthetics that do not compromise on functionality. Embodying a beautiful blend between contemporary and classic, this sofa stands out as a must-have addition to your apartment. Other notable features include the convenient and prompt delivery services, along with a warranty for additional peace of mind. Purchase the Stone & Beam Westview sofa and upgrade your apartment’s ambience to a stylish yet comfortable paradise.

2. BT.WA Couch Cover L Shape Sectional Sofa

BT.WA Couch Cover L Shape Sectional Sofa Cover 2-Piece Soft Stretch Sofa Slipcover Furniture Protector Couch Slipcover with 2Pcs Pillowcases (Sofa 3 Seater + 3 Seater, Black)

The BT.WA Couch Cover L Shape Sectional Sofa Cover is not just another product on the market. Expertly designed with soft, stretchy materials, this 2-piece slipcover elegantly pairs functionality with aesthetic appeal. It’s tailored to fit perfectly on a 3-seater L-shaped sofa.

One striking feature is the high-quality fabric, made from a mixture of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This mix results in a soft touch that guarantees comfort, while the spandex element introduces sufficient stretchability, perfect for most modular sofas.

An excellent choice for households with children or pets, this slipcover is easy to install and designed to protect your couch from stains, pet hair, or any unexpected messes. Given its resilient fabric, it withstands not only the lively energy of a bustling home but also time, as it is non-pilling and non-fading.

Importantly, do note the silky texture of the fabric means this cover might not be the best choice for smooth leather furniture.

The 2-piece design and stretch material make it adaptable to various sectional shapes. And with the included two pillowcases, you don’t only get a couch cover but a full revamp of your sofa experience.

Altogether, the BT.WA Couch Cover L Shape Sectional Sofa Cover delivers on its promise of providing a durable, comfortable, and stylish solution to keeping your sofa protected and looking new.

3. Best Choice Products Upholstered Sectional Sofa

Best Choice Products Upholstered Sectional Sofa for Home, Apartment, Dorm, Bonus Room, Compact Spaces w/Chaise Lounge, 3-Seat, L-Shape Design, Reversible Ottoman Bench, 680lb Capacity - Blue/Gray

Imbued with a perfect blend of style, comfort and versatility, the Best Choice Products Upholstered Sectional Sofa is an absolute game changer for compact spaces. Whether it’s a small living room, a college dorm, or a home office, this multi-functional sofa is designed to upgrade any space on a budget without compromising on comfort or aesthetics.

The standout feature of this sofa is its reversible ottoman, which allows you to easily transform the L-shaped sofa into a comfortable lounger design. This flexibility is especially useful in compact spaces, with the ability to adapt the sofa layout to best match the room’s needs.

Its construction is as appealing as its design, with high-grade, super-soft fabric enveloping a sturdy wood frame for durability and years of carefree usage. The sofa holds up to 680 pounds, comfortably accommodating three people at once.

Assembly doesn’t get any easier with the step-by-step instructions and included tools, meaning you’ll be relaxing on this new couch in as little as 15 minutes!

In terms of delivery and customer service, take confidence in the product’s fast shipping and dedicated customer support from Best Choice Products.

4. LA MEACK Sectional Couch Covers 2-Piece Softness L-Shaped Sofa

LA MEACK Sectional Couch Covers 2-Piece Softness L Shaped Sofa Cover Super Stretch L-Type Couch Slipcover with 2Pcs Pillowcases Sofa Slipcover 3 Seater + 3 Seater Furniture Protector (Black)

Breathe fresh life into old or worn-out furniture with the LA MEACK Sectional Couch Covers 2-Piece. This super stretch L-shaped sofa cover pairs aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, offering an affordable solution for furniture upkeep.

The softness of this cover is noticeable; it is made of high-quality materials that feel as good as they look. The fabric is 85% polyester combined with 15% spandex, resulting in a soft, durable, and stretchable fabric that ensures a snug fit.

The two-piece design conveniently suits both left and right ‘L’ shape couches, providing flexibility depending on the layout of your room. Additionally, the inclusion of two free matching pillowcases is a thoughtful touch that enhances the overall look of your living room setup.

These covers come in a stark black color, offering a timeless look that can blend seamlessly with different decors, whether contemporary or traditional. On the practical side, these dark covers will do an excellent job of concealing stains, a great benefit for families with young children or pets.

Key selling points include the ease of installation and maintenance, thanks to the stretchable material and machine-washable feature. Also, this cover provides a budget-friendly alternative to expensive re-upholstering or getting a new sofa.

5. ULTICOR 7-Piece L Shape Sectional

ULTICOR Sectional Sofa Seat Covers, 4 Piece L Shape Sofa Seat Cushion Covers, Separate Seat Cushion Covers and Chaise Cover, for Both Left or Right Sectional Couches (Black)

The ULTICOR 7-Piece L Shape Sectional is defined by its innovation, versatility, and sheer comfort. This sectional sofa is expertly engineered with a luxurious velvet plush fabric that encompasses a soft touch, durability, and a stunning visual aesthetic.

Recognized for its adaptability, this sectional’s standout feature is its patented 7-piece design tailored specifically for L-shaped recliner sofas. The design includes two armpieces, four-seat and backrest cover pieces, and one corner piece. The additional option to incorporate more seats and console covers satisfies the need for customizability and functionality in a furniture piece.

The thoughtful design extends to incorporate elastic rubbers around the edges, aiding in a snug fit and two elastic loops on each side to secure it to the frame, maintaining its position even when the recliner is in use.

This product also doubles up as a protective layer for your sofa, making it an ideal choice for households with children or pets. Covering stains and imperfections, it breathes fresh life into your living space while safeguarding your investment from daily wear and stains.

Installation is straightforward, with a helpful guide provided, and the ease of maintenance is an added bonus. The cover is machine washable, meaning it couples elegance with practicality, making home care a seamless task.

Overall, the ULTICOR 7-Piece L Shape Sectional is an excellent blend of quality, comfort, and versatility that modernizes your living space with renewed vitality and a touch of luxury.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Sectional Sofa

While choosing the perfect sectional sofa can seem overwhelming, considering the following factors can simplify the process:

1. Material

Consider the sofa’s material in terms of its durability, comfort, and maintenance. Leather can be a durable option, and it is relatively easy to clean, while fabric can offer a wider variety of colors and patterns. Select a material that suits your lifestyle (e.g., if you have pets or small children, opt for stain-resistant and durable fabrics).

2. Size

Remember to take into account the dimensions of your apartment. Measure your space and identify the ideal size of the sofa that would fit without overwhelming the room. Factor in the size of other furniture and the walking space that will remain.

3. Style

Try to match the sofa to your apartment’s style and décor. The design of the sofa should complement your interior design style, whether modern, rustic, or traditional. Consider the shape, color, and upholstery pattern when pondering over the style.

4. Functionality

Think about the functionality you’d like your sofa to have. Some sofas come with extra features like storage compartments or sleeper options, which can be beneficial for small spaces or for those who frequently host guests.

5. Budget

Lastly, consider your budget. While it might be tempting to opt for the cheapest option, remember to find the right balance between quality and affordability. Cheap furniture might break down faster, leading to more costs in the long run. It’s best to view this purchase as an investment and strike the right balance between quality, suitability, and price.

By considering these aspects, you can make a more informed decision when selecting a sectional sofa to ensure it meets your space requirements, aesthetic preferences, functional needs, and budget.


In conclusion, selecting the perfect sectional sofa is an excellent way to optimize living space, instill comfort, and enhance the overall look and feel of your apartment. Remember, the best choice isn’t always about size but also about how it complements your lifestyle and home décor. As we’ve explored, today’s market offers a diverse range of options catering to various tastes and requirements — from space-saving designs to those offering additional storage or transformability. With careful consideration concerning dimensions, materials, configuration, and price, you can find an apartment-friendly sectional sofa that blends functionality with style. Whether you’re an avid entertainer, a fan of lazy weekends, or living in a small city apartment, there’s a sectional out there that’s just right for you. Investing in a quality piece now can give you a comfortable, chic, and practical centerpiece that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sectional Sofas Good for Apartments?

Sectional sofas can be an excellent choice for apartments. This type of furniture offers a unique blend of functionality and style, adding a cozy spot for relaxation while serving as the centerpiece of your living space aesthetic. They can maximize the use of corners and potentially offer extra storage or sleeping space, which is especially valuable in apartments where space utilization is crucial. However, the suitability of sectional sofas massively depends on factors such as available apartment space, the room’s layout, and your style preferences. A well-chosen sectional sofa can enhance the overall ambiance while adding practical use to your apartment.

What Size Sectional Is Standard for an Apartment?

The standard size for a sectional sofa in an apartment isn’t set in stone, as it largely depends on the apartment’s size and layout. However, most sectionals intended for smaller spaces tend to fall into a range of 84 to 94 inches along the longer dimension. When choosing a sectional for your apartment, it’s critical to carefully measure your available space. This includes not only the intended sofa location but also the doorways and staircases that the furniture will need to navigate during delivery.

How Do You Style a Sectional in a Small Apartment?

Styling a sectional in a small apartment requires strategic planning to ensure the limited space is utilized effectively without feeling cramped. Firstly, placement is key. If possible, tuck the sectional into a corner to free up central floor space. Secondly, go for lighter colors, as they tend to make rooms seem more spacious. Choose a sectional that complements your decor in terms of color and style. Adding some throw pillows or blankets can provide color accents. Lastly, balance the room with additional small furniture pieces for a harmonious appearance.

Are Sectionals Good for Small Living Rooms?

Sectionals can absolutely work well for small living rooms, but the key element here is scale. Smaller sectionals (often referred to as “apartment-sized” or “condo-sized” sectionals) can offer the comfort and cohesion of a sectional without overwhelming the room. Some sectionals also come with added functionalities like built-in storage or pull-out beds, which are fantastic for optimizing space utilization in smaller living rooms. It’s also crucial to consider the room’s layout and the sectional’s orientation to plan your space effectively. When styled right, a sectional can be a versatile and comfortable centerpiece in a small living room.

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