Foosball Coffee Table

Foosball Coffee Tables

Are you someone who loves sports and wants to incorporate some of your favorite sports into the theme of your home? Or are you getting new furniture for your home, and you want to add a special touch but aren’t sure where to start?

One unique option for sports lovers is a foosball coffee table. If you want to bring your love of sports into your home, a coffee table with foosball might be the perfect way to do so. As you and your family or friends gather in your living room, you will be able to play an entertaining game of foosball – a feature that none of your friends will have in their living rooms.

The experience that you will get with such a unique option is phenomenal. If you’re interested in this unique option, we compiled a guide consisting of advice for purchasing a football coffee table, as well as some of the best game tables on the market, according to Amazon reviews.

Things to Look For and Consider

If you really love sports but don’t necessarily have the room in your home for an individual foosball table or pool table, then why not do something unique?

Regular foosball tables will most likely not match with the rest of your furniture. Plus, the addition of a foosball coffee table will allow you to use it for multiple different functions, including serving food and drinks and having additional storage in the form of a small shelf on the bottom.

You will be able to use this table in just about any room of the house, including your kids’ rooms, a man cave or den, your basement, living room, and more.

Other Reasons to Consider Getting One:

  • It’s fun entertainment for your kids. Nowadays, anyone who has children knows how caught up they can get on the television, phone, YouTube, and other electronics. Many people find that they have to beg their kids to find entertainment elsewhere. Well, now you have the chance to do so. Most people who purchased foosball coffee tables said that these products also provided excellent entertainment for their kids and kids’ friends. So, even when your children have sleepover parties, you can be sure that the foosball table will be a key part of their playtime.
  • Foosball coffee tables are not that expensive. Generally, when people want to add an entertainment piece to their homes, they expect that they will be making a significant investment and will have to spend a thousand dollars or more. But that’s not the case if you choose to get a foosball coffee table. These generally cost a few hundred dollars, typically less than $800. Some, you will be able to get for less than $400 even. So, this excellent entertainment and conversation piece will not end up breaking the bank.

Here are some factors that you may want to consider when you go to purchase a foosball table.

  • Make sure it has a tempered glass top. Tempered glass has the same function as regular glass, but it is much stronger and more durable so that it won’t break as easily. When you’re roughhousing and playing a sport, it’s a good idea to have this reinforced protection as part of your table. Plus, the glass will allow you to see what you’re doing and provide a top to the table, which means that you can easily use it for magazines or as a regular table to serve your family and guests.
  • How big is the room and how big should the table be? Just like with any piece of furniture, you must measure the size of the space you intend to place this table in. Most foosball coffee tables tend to be less than 50 inches, but it’s still a good idea to check. The size of the table matters because you certainly don’t want it to crowd your room.
  • Make sure the color you choose matches the rest of your furniture. Again, one great feature of foosball coffee tables is that you will be able to blend them in with the rest of your furniture. Since they carry the function of regular foosball tables with the bonus of being coffee tables, you won’t have to worry about how to fit a rather unappealing sport table in your home. There are many different colors and wood finishes that foosball tables come in, including dark and light brown and black. You can even choose to get ones with carved finishes to add a touch to your space.

Top 5 Best Foosball Coffee Tables

1. Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

This is a soccer coffee table for sale that many people on Amazon enjoyed. Their reviews said that the Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table provides for a great experience and is lovely as part of a living room, man cave, game room, or another part of the house. It’s a conversation piece and certainly something that will impress anyone who walks into your home.

It is a foosball table with a glass top, so you will be able to use this product for multiple functions- both as a game table and as a coffee table. In addition, it has beautiful accents and is made of solid hardwood, so not only are you guaranteed to be using this table for many years to come, but it also looks very luxurious and much more expensive than you paid for it.

The price on Amazon is $650, and you get free shipping as part of the deal. Underneath the table, there is an additional shelf for more storage space. Thanks to the beautiful hardwood design, you will be able to blend this piece with the rest of your furniture perfectly. There are slots on either side of the table and a red and blue team for playing. You will be able to keep score using the wooden beads on both sides of the table. The dimensions are 47.5 x 28 x 20, making it the perfect size for any room.

2. Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42” Table Tempered Glass Tabletop

Here is an option for those who might not have the means to make a considerable investment in a foosball coffee table. The price of this item is only $281.99 plus free shipping. It has a tempered glass top, so you will be able to use this both as a game table and a coffee table, thus maximizing its use. The color is dark brown, so you are also guaranteed to match this product to the rest of your furniture. It will provide an elegant yet entertaining touch to any corner of your home. You can choose to either have the table assembled by an expert or without one.

Many people who reviewed this product said that it is easy to assemble on your own to save some money in that way. According to reviewers, the table looks much more expensive than worth, so you know you’re getting bang for your buck. One thing to note is that some reviewers recommended paying attention to the wood because some got a damaged table. Still, when they contacted the company about the issue, the company resolved it. The table is 42 inches, which means that you will be able to fit it in just about any space you wish.

3. Steve Silver Coffee Table With Foosball

Here is another foosball table that can be used both as a cocktail table and a fun way for you and your friends to gather to play this fun game. There are six handles, slots on either side for you to retrieve the ball, and two foosballs. In addition, there is a shelf on the bottom that you can use for storage or for resting your feet.

The legs are tapered and made out of high-quality hardwood material. The coffee table has a tempered glass cover that will allow you to use this table for multiple different purposes. It also is made out of wood solids and veneers, and a chrome-coated iron. There are five casters, two of which lock, so you will be able to move the table around a lot easier.

This item weighs 85 pounds, and the dimensions are 28 x 45 x 20 inches, making this product perfect for use in any part of your home, including the living room, game room, or den. The dark walnut finish also means that you will add it as an elegant feature to match the rest of your furniture. It certainly makes for a great conversation piece that will provide entertainment for you, your family, friends, and other guests.

4. KICK Java 48” in Foosball Coffee Table

This foosball coffee table is also on the relatively inexpensive side when you consider its high-quality appearance. When ordering, you can either choose to have the table assembled by an expert, which will cost an additional fee, or not. The table is made out of hardwood and has a tempered glass top, which will allow you to use it for several different purposes. The table has six handles and two slots on either side for you to retrieve the foosball. There is a shelf on the bottom, just like with the other choices listed, that will increase the functions of this item and will provide you with some additional storage in your home.

The manufacturer, KICK, is a brand that specializes in making foosball tables and has been in the industry for several years. Their products are known for not breaking the bank, so you will be able to add this elegant piece to your collection without making a considerable investment. The table weighs 80 pounds, and its dimensions are 48 x 29 x 20, so you won’t have much trouble fitting it in any room. If anything is not as you expect, this table has a lifetime warranty.

5. Berner 2 in 1 Foosball and Coffee Table Antique Walnut

There is not too much information about this product since it is one of the only foosball coffee tables provided by Amazon, but you will be able to choose between getting the black version or the antique walnut one, which comes in a dark brown. The dimensions are 48 x 26.5 x 20 inches, and it weighs 75 pounds. So, you know that you will be able to fit this foosball coffee table in your home without any issues. It is also important to note that assembly is required because it is much too difficult for the company to ship the table in one piece.

The foosball table comes with a tempered glass top, so you will be able to use this as a coffee table or a cocktail table meant for entertaining your guests or spending time with your family. There are two slots on either side meant for retrieving the ball and six handles, three on either side. Once again, this product has a shelf on the bottom that can be used as a footrest or for additional storage in your living room. The stunning and classic design of this foosball table will allow it to be a pivotal addition to any room of your home.


To conclude, if you love foosball and want to add a unique touch to your home’s furniture, then it’s worth considering getting a foosball coffee table. But, again, there are plenty of different options you have, and you will be able to choose the perfect table based on color, additional features, whether it has a tempered glass top, and more.

You also won’t have to make a massive investment as plenty of these tables come at reasonable prices. So in all, if you’re looking for something that will wow your friends and family and provides for a fun entertainment space in your living space, then it’s worth considering purchasing a foosball coffee table.

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