How To Replace Spa Pump In Hot Tub

Some pump motor manufacturers in this category leave this value blank or mark it with dots or dashes, allowing pump and spa manufacturers to name them what they want. Try to align the label with the motor, and if not visible, use the pump manufacturer’s decal if available.

Nearly all spa pumps have one of four plumbing fitting size combinations where the hoses connect to the pump; some hot tubs have two isolation or shear valves on either side of the pump, and some pumps have valves on either side of the pump, which means you can close them and remove the pump without emptying the spa.

After installation and connection but before turning on the spa, open the valves to prime the pump and flood the pump and avoid air pockets after installing and wiring but before turning on the spa, close the valves or drain the spa water to prevent all water from spilling out when the pump is removed. After pump piping is tightened, you can start filling the spa.

Suppose the spa is empty or you have closed valves to prevent water from leaking out; slowly loosen the union nuts on the water inlet and outlet of the spa pump. If the pump is bolted to the floor, use a wrench or socket to remove the bolts from the motor footrest. Once you can move the pump, connect the power cord to the spa controller and connect the ground wire to the pump.

Tighten the pump cable clamp where the wires enter the back of the motor and reinstall the end cover or motor cover, remove the plug from the new pump motor side and install the cable connector clamp. Make sure the cable ends are clean to ensure an excellent connection to your new pump.

It is essential to note the wiring configuration on the old pump to a complete and exact match with the new pump. Take a snapshot of how the old pump is connected so that you know where to connect things to the new pump. Then, it will be easier for you to join the motor before inserting the pump under the spa.

Specific 2-speed pumps can also be configured for single-speed use in spas equipped with circulating pumps. Two-speed spa pumps can run at one speed, which is common in two-pump hot tubs. When we provide a new or wet end and motor, you need to know how to connect the damp end to the Whirlpool pump motor. 

The two parts of the pump are separated from each other, and only the wet part OR the motor can be replaced, although it is recommended to replace all at once. Since the two parts are separate, you can replace only the wet part or motor. However, if the entire pump is older than 2–3 years old, it is recommended that the whole pump be replaced entirely, not just the wet part or motor. 

It may be necessary to remove the corrosion or replace the wiring to get the pump back online. If the spa pump cannot be repaired, replacing it will cause hot soda water from your spa to be pumped again. If your spa needs a new pump or blower, your spa specialist will recommend the most suitable replacement parts for you.

They can find all the spa pump parts for a true spa or hot tub replacement and find that replacing your spa pump is exactly what you need to start enjoying your spa. When it comes to the luxury of relaxing in your spa, finding the best and most powerful replacement pump can be tricky.

We’ve prepared this quick guide to the spa and hot tub pumps to help you understand the essential operation of your pump and solve simple problems. Repairing an existing pump or installing a new pump is not as difficult as it sounds, and if you do it yourself, you can restore water flow in no time.

We will walk you through your spa pump replacement and restore your hot tub for years of fun. The good news is that you can continue to use the spa for many years to come if you replace your pump.

The whirlpool pump and motor are the most labor-intensive components of a Whirlpool tub and are also the most common problems for spa owners. Never repair the hot tub or spa pump without stopping the power; make sure the breakers are off; then disassemble and remove the existing pump.

To solve the problem, turn off the power and clean the pump as best as possible if the impeller still does not move after cleaning if it may need to be replaced. After receiving a replacement spa pump, you must install it using the removal process but in reverse order.

So we put this new pump back together, put on the wet end and put it back in the spa. So now we have a brand new pump; I have almost completely installed the pump mounts on it. Each pump has a wet and dry part for the water to move without frying the engine parts.

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